Plastic Sauce Food Packaging Pouch for Spice and Seasoning

Life without flavors will be boring.While the quality of spice&seasoning is important,so is condiment packaging!The correct packaging material keeps the condiments inside fresh and full of its flavor even after long periods of storage.The custom printing of spice packaging also is attractive,appeals consumers on the shelf.Multi-layers packaging sachets are perfect for single serve spices and sauces with unique design.Easy to opening, small and easy to carry makes the pouches&bags ideal for restaurants,takeaway delivery services and daily life.

Products Details

Optional Bag type ● Spice packaging pouches is convenient for producers to pack the content. ● Flexible shape take up less space than bottles or jars no matter  in storage, or transport. ● Protect spice&condiments against environmental factors like dust, moisture,sunlight,oxygen,etc. ● l Pouches with 2 to 5 panels which allow brandingExcept aluminum foil, other materials for spice packaging pouches include: Linear low-density polyethylene Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET) Polyethylene(PE) Cast polypropylene(CPP) Oriented polypropylene(OPP) Metallised polyethylene terephthalate film(VMPET) We take advantage of different layers and make the perfect packaging pouches or film to meet the requirements.How to Brand my spices&seasoning packaging? Step 1 make sure the packaging format. Standing bags, or flat pouches with ziplock ,or back sealing bags packed by film wrappers. Step 2 are you Brand owner ,or designer, or factory it depends on the packing process and feedbacks we provide. Step 3, do you want printing on the pouches or put stickers on the surface. Step 4, how many skus or product lines do you have. Step 5, volume of spice&seasoning per package. Family sizes or small sachet or for business packaging. With information above we will deal with good proposals. Why choose stand up pouches for seasoning&spices. Firstly ,stand up pouches have good display effect. Standing on the shelf or hanging, both is ok. Secondly,flexible shapes saving space. And it is easy to put on the kitchen easier for storage Besides, with zippers, it is no worries that could not consume it at once. What is the MOQ It is one bag. Sounds crazy but true. We have different solutions. The first is for new item which use for market test, we can use digital print. It is calculate by meters.Details based on case will be provided. Secondly it is Roto printing. Which MOQ depends on the sizes of pouches. Nomally 10,000 bags .  

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