Printed Stand Up Zipper Bag for Kratom Capsule Tablet Powder

  • Our Custom Printed Retail Ready Wholesale Kratom Bags come in various volume and formats. From 4ct to 1024ct or grams.
  • The heat sealing zipper bags with high barrier so the consumers can enjoy it freshly.(Airtight and sealed well at both ends).The zip is integrated, can not be opened by accident. Or child-resistant ziplock which have been tested and certified by third-party agencies to meet federal test requirements.
  • Once the bag is opened, top of zipper allows resealing as many times.Suitable for kratom powder, kratom capsules and kratom tablets.
  • For material structures kraft paper is available for organic kratom products.Standing Up pouches with a pouched bottom that allows the bags to stand upright.Help line up your display case with upright standing.
  • Printing with high resolution make your brands be found more easily.
  • Quality printing packaging make end consumers recognize the brands and appeal to repeat buying.
  • optimal for storing or transporting cannabis products due to their light resistant and airtight qualities.

Products Details

Highlights Of The Kratom Packaging Printed Flexible Bags Pouches. 1.These bags are waterproof. Inner layer is PE with aluminum film coated. Exteriors are made from polyester or Biaxially oriented polypropylene film which is perfect for printing. With physical features as Water, chemical, and UV resistance. 2.Flexible kratom bags with intergrated zip fastener to be resealed to keep your kratom product fresh. 3.For many skus designs, we can leave some space for labels . 4.On the backside with details which is easy to read about the introduction of kratom. Make it easier to decide.Clear windows help you see the kratom inside, understand the specifications of the products that you are going to buy and what exactly the pouches contains.Customized window shape, leaf shape is popular.Quality of Kratom Bag It is disapointing than getting a package of kratom that was damaged or broken in shipping .The consumers will not unpleasant for the vendors. Our kratom packaging bags or pouches is stronger, no matter how to drop it or squeeze it will not broken . The heal sealing is tough, we do airtightness test during the pouching process.Tougher kratom packaging play a large part in preserving the quality. Packmic is professional in printed kratom packaging produce. Our highly experienced packaging specialists will work with you at every step of the process from design to visualisation to high quality printing and finishing to the shelf.

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